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The Hirokamawans have beautiful golden eyes. The problem is that they all look exactly the same. When they can afford it, they often decide to get eye surgery, in order to have their own unique eyes. The surgery process is simple and unpainful: they have to enter into a kind of sophisticated box, close their eyes and sit there for about half an hour, that’s all. When the surgery process is complete, they have their new own eyes.Here is the sound of the surgery box:

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Ankaratians are allergic to many organic and chemical compounds. Even an infinitesimal quantity of toxic substance can be dangerous for them. One single Sodium Chloride crystal can kill them within seconds. Everytime they have a meal, they have to use an Atomic Force Microscope to scan the food at a nanometer scale before they eat it.

If the food contains dangerous atoms, the Atomic Force Microscope produces this sound:

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