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In the Zeuxiteria star system, there is no physical money. No coins, no credit card either. The local currency is represented by sounds. Values are digitally converted into audio signals. Zeutarian shops are very noisy places.

Hear the price of a bottle of local wine:

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On Stellagphiron Prime, the Government has invented a very effective way of avoiding bankruptcy; When a company begins to have serious problems, an alarm starts to ring nearby its headquarters.

At first, the alarm level is very low. It increases slightly to an unbearable level and starts to decrease only when the company becomes profitable again. When people around hear the bankrupt alarm, they stop all their usual activities to help the company in any way they can. Bankers provide debt consolidation loans at very low rates, marketing counselors provide advices and studies for free, retailers cut their margins, everybody around advertises, buys or sells the products of the company, until the situation gets better. Usually it works. If it doesn’t, everybody in the area becomes deaf.

Listen to the bankrupt alarm:

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