Flizoarian don’t wear clothes. Their skin is tightly connected to their neural system and their emotions produce colored stains on their bodies. Their body stains change constantly as their mood change. Light blue stains mean compassion, orange stains mean anger and so on… When they have bad feelings, everybody can see it. To avoid bad feelings, they have to practice audio therapy about a dozen time a day.

Listen to the sound that is supposed to avoid selfishness:

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6 Responses to “audio therapy (Flizoar expanse)”

  1. Alex Says:

    Really great site (I Think i told you this before..??)

    I’d like to ask you for more information about those planetary systems. Have you wrotte anything else about them? Is there anywhere to read it?

    Greeting from Kritton 23.

  2. Debrevan Says:

    I’m supporting this idea all the way! I can not imagine who would disagree with it. On the whole - make posts like this more often.

  3. konina Says:

    really nice work!!!!
    i have a question . why can’t i download ‘audio therapy’ although there’s a “download file” icon bellow?

  4. admin Says:

    Hi Konina !

    You are right, there was a problem with the download options, I had to update my code. It’s ok now.

  5. Nature Says:

    Great site this samples are great for my new Experimental Sounds thanks

  6. Steven Says:

    that was suppossed to be Jimi Hendrix*

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